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Introduction of library

for Xian University of Finance and Economics

In June 2001, Statistics Institute and Shaanxi Economics and Trade Institute were merged to establish Xian University of Finance and Economics, and the two libraries of the institutes were combined as one unit. From the basic situation of constructing philology and the need of serves for readers, constitute four administration departments: the office Department, the Philological Construction Department, the Information Technology Department and the Service Department. There are ten parlors: the office, the Philological Construction Department, the Information Technology Department, Circulation Department (wide goose tower campus), Periodicals Department (wide goose tower campus), Reading Department (wide goose tower campus), Circulation Department (west Cui hua campus), Reading Department (west Cui hua campus), Acquisition Department (east Cui hua campus),Philological Comprehensive Services Division (Chang'an campus).

There are 83 full-time staffs in the whole library, has 10 advance professional titles, 31 secondary professional titles. Now the floor space of the library is 41207.59 square meters, Per capita area is 2.87 square meters. As of July, 2007, it now has a collection of 1.510,000 volumes and items, more than 263,000 kinds of electronic books in SSL (super star library), 1634 periodicals and 3361 volumes, 93 newspapers and 224 sheets. Its also have purchased CNKI (National Knowledge Infrastructure)CJFD(Chinese Journal Full-text DatabaseCDMD(Chinese Doctor and Master Database), CCND(Chinese Crucial Newspaper Database),CPCD(Chinese Paper and Conference Database). Development Research Center Network, China Economic Information Network, Springer- Link foreign language database and so on, all about 13 databases in the library. Now, the library combined with economics, management, Statistics, information, literature, art and law as its main focus in the library. Besides these, the library share 13 databases from the other universities, 4 delivery stack room,a series of 21 reading rooms and 2,417 seats .

 Recently, under the strong support from university, the construction of Automation, Network and Digital implement a leaping development. Now the library adopted the Library Integrated Automation SystemILASII2.0, which was widely used from the purchasing, catalogue to Circulation and information search. With this system, the acquisition, cataloging, series management, circulation, teaching, and scientific research of the whole university can acquire more convenient. Library now has 299computers, shares the structured cabling LAN, and adopts the advanced network equipment in order to provide ON-LINE information services. The home page of library have completed already, connected with CERNET and INTERNET through Campus Network, the user entitle to visit and search correlative information without the limit of time or places in the campus, they could inquire the information of philological resource, electronic resource, borrow and return. Library actively expanded the Home pages services, provided information consulting by Home page. Through the construction of the network and ON-LINE services, library has achieved the comprehensive automation and network for the professional work and service work.

Library is the Documentation and Information Center in College, which as an academic institutions services for teaching and research, has played an important role during the different periods for teaching and scientific research. Library will implement the national education policy in future. Perform educational and information services functions, to make greater contributions to teaching and scientific research.

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