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Floors distribution of Library



Campus distribution



Floors distribution

Wide goose tower campus

Editors Department

£¨First floor£©

Information Technology Department£¨First floor£©

Electronic Reading Room£¨First floor£©

Circulation Department£¨First floor£©

Yearbook Reading Room£¨Second floor£©

Chinese and Foreign Reading Room£¨Second floor£©

Tool Reading Room£¨Second floor£©

Periodicals Department£¨Third floor£©

Current Periodicals Reading Room £¨Third floor£©

Past Periodicals Reading Room£¨Third floor£©

West Cu¡¯hua campus

Circulation Department£¨First floor£©

Tool Reading Room£¨Second floor£©

Current Periodicals Reading Room£¨Second floor£©

Collection Reading Room£¨Third floor£©

Ancient Book Reading Room£¨Third floor£©

Past Periodicals Reading Room£¨The Fourth floor£©

Electronic Reading Room£¨The Fourth floor£©

Newspapers Storage Room and Reading Room£¨The Fourth floor£©

East Cu¡¯hua campus

Circulation Department£¨Integrated Third floor£©

Chang¡¯an Campus

Philological Comprehensive Services Division






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